At least one author of each accepted paper is expected to register and present the paper at the Workshop. The Early Registration fee, until December 31st, is set to 275 Euros + V.A.T. – currently 21%; it includes lunches, coffee breaks, one social dinner, a guided visit to some of Padova’s most famous monuments, and proceedings. After December 31st , the registration fee will be set to 350 Euros + V.A.T.

You can register through the website of MediK, the company assisting us in the organization of the workshop and in particular in the accounting. After providing the necessary data, you will be redirected to Paypal for the actual payment; you can pay with any major credit card. A word of caution before you click on the link to the registration form at the end of this page: the form’s English leaves much to be desired, and even though it is generally comprehensible, there are two points where you may want to pay some attention.

The first is the initial “Authorisation treatment of personal data”, followed by a dense block of gibberish legalese. This is simply a privacy notice. Italian privacy law requires one to explicitly agree to any processing, storage or transmission of one’s personal data; furthermore, one retains the right to inquire at any time about the data with the responsible party and request the data’s erasure. In this case the responsible party is MediK, and you can inquire with them at Your data may not be sold, traded, shared etc. except as strictly required to allow your participation in CPC 2012. Check “I agree”, or you will not be able to proceed with the registration.

The second point that deserves attention is on the fourth page, where you fill in the details of your receipt. You may be confused by the two expressions “The invoice will be addressed to” and “The invoice will be sent to”. The first denotes the data that will appear in your receipt. The second denotes the address to which the receipt will be sent in case you do not pick it up at the workshop.

You can proceed with the registration by following this link.